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Why Collaborate?

Get Students Mentored

Your students can get the benefit of getting mentored by our expert mentors. The collaboration of your institute with Mentorbox gives them an opportunity to learn and grow with Mentorbox.

At present there are not many platforms which provide quality mentorship to school and college students, Mentorbox is among the very first platforms to do so.

Mentoriship webinar by mentorbox. Collaborate with us to get access to all of them for your students.


At present, schools do not have a solid curriculum for enhancement of soft skills. Mentorbox has created a curriculum with the help of world-renowned trainers  to make students learn those skills in order to outshine others in their career.


Schools can collaborate with us to make their students learn and to create a strong foundation for their future.

Students get mentored from our expert mentors


Students will get access to educational and  insightful webinars which are conducted weekly by Mentorbox. Our mentors also conduct mentorship webinars for students who need career guidance in a particular career field.


They will also learn about various soft-skills needed to survive in an industry and personality development needed to grow as a person.

Learn soft skill with our perfectly designed curriculummentorship for improving soft skills with Mentorbox.

Recent Collaborations

IIT GUWAHATI's  annual Techno-Management festival 

speed mentoring by mentorbox at iit guwahati's techno=management fest, techniche

Techniche is the annual Techno-Management festival of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati.


Mentorbox conducted a speed mentoring session in partnership with Techniche to mentor students and provide our quality mentorship to students from one of the best Institutes in India. The event was held on 19th September, 2020. This event turned out to be a major career boost to many students.

MENTORBOX collaborates with Bollywood DESIGNER Manish Tripathi FOR live project INITIATIVE for NIFT students

Renowned Bollywood Designer Manish Tripathi initiated a program to bring products from rural India to urban India and thus promote the creativity hidden in rural people. The name of the initiative is "Sheher-se-Gaon-tak".

Manish Tripathi previously decided to collaborate with Mentorbox and selected some of the students from National Institute of Fashion Technology associated with our community 

to create innovative products inspired from rural designs.

MENTORBOX collaborates with Thapar University students


Mentorbox India collaborates with MLSC,Thapar University and conducted a workshop for their students to help them understand emerging technologies.The session was given by Mr. Rahul Kachroo - Director of Business Development at Ui Path.

Other Partnerships

Abhigyan'20, MANIT Bhopal Mentorship partner of Mentorbox
ILLUMINA, MDI Gurgaon. Partner of Mentorbox
kalpana tech week ieee PES Bangalore. E-Learning Partner of Mentorbox

Skill Partner 

Developer Society,


Mentorship Partner 


MANIT, Bhopal


MDI Gurgaon

For internship Expo 


KJSCE, Mumbai

E-Learning Partner 

Kalpana Tech Week,

IEEE PES, Bangalore