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How is Mentorbox different from a career guidance program?

Career guidance is a program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. Mentorbox is a one stop solution for understanding your career goals and recommending you the best mentors who will provide you a personalized structured approach along with material to work upon for achieving your professional goals in life.This will in-turn lead to career acceleration and help you reach you goals faster than you actually could have when you did not have a personal mentor.

What is Mentorbox?

Mentorbox is a platform which brings mentors and mentees together under one umbrella. We aim to change the perspective of mentorship among college students by giving the guidance they need from our expert mentors who have ample professional experience.

How does Mentorbox assign mentors?

Mentorbox goes through the profile of mentees, after knowing the interests and goals of the mentee we assign them a mentor who is a professional from that field.

What are the programs that Mentorbox offers?

Mentorbox offers a variety of programs apart from its flagship one-on-one mentorship sessions. You can avail group sessions, soft skills and personality development sessions along with weekly webinars to learn from our mentors. These sessions help the mentees in learning the overall skills which are necessary for a successful career

How to stay connected with the mentor?

You can connect with a mentor by filling out the Enrollment form and choosing your preferred type of session. Currently,we are not offering any subscriptions but are planning to once our mobile application goes live.In case,you wish to connect with our mentor again after you first session,you need to again Enroll on our website or email us to get your next session conducted.

How does Mentorbox ensure the quality of the mentorship programs?

All the mentorship sessions are closely monitored by members of our team. They are always present during the sessions to ensure the quality of programs and to also assist mentees if they need help in connecting with the mentors or anything else. We also take regular feedbacks from our mentees so that we can keep improvising to serve our clients better.