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An Ideal Mind is a Devil’s Workshop - In which option should students invest their time this summer

We've often heard the quote - "An ideal mind is the devil's workshop". The internship and holiday season is near and students are all pumped up to redesign their career choices with either projects or sessions or live programs. Though it has been a huge dilemma for most of the students, we at MentorBox India are thrilled to bring up which one - Soft Skills or Live Projects - is good for the career when it comes to investing time, energy, or your parents' hard-earned money?

What are Soft Skills & Live Projects?

Soft Skills: Here is a brief perspective, Soft skills are qualities that make people work well together and adapt themselves to new situations. The human network can be a good unit to make or break any company or project. Soft skills are real performance, it is seen in the way someone conducts themselves, the language they use, and their attitude while facing a problem or making decisions. These are the qualities that make people work well together and adapt themselves to new situations.

Live Projects: In this case, students get to work and understand the flow of a company in a real-time environment. This lasts for a certain period of time during their studies or maybe after they're graduated or postgraduate. Live projects are basically to develop employment abilities in students and to provide industry experience and insights. It is one of the most fruitful ways to help the students get exposure to the real world - be they from any background and career field!

Soft Skills Vs Live Projects

Soft skills are those traits that can help you to keep a good balance between your individuality and social acceptance. For instance, character, competitiveness, passion, patience, sincerity, and other basic fundamentals like honesty and diligence are as important as technical skills when it comes to the career. However, there is an immense difference between the two when it comes to helping your career. Live projects are like adding badges to your hard skills for your career. If you are planning to opt for a professional career in some software company, then it is better to opt for a live project because it gives you exposure to various people and technologies, something that a job only would. But if you're opting for some managerial position at an MNC, it's the soft skills that would help you achieve the best of the best!

Which is the best?

To be honest, they both look brilliant and we at MentorBox India treat both as equally important. So, if you are having an issue and cannot decide which is better - here we tell you why you need both in your portfolio and why both are best:

1. Learnability: Associating and relating to peers and trying to overcome limitations with human relations and interpersonal connections are vital. What's better when you get these both as an all-in-one duo?

2. Joining a team: You need to get exposed to a different mindset and different ideas. For example, if you're into live projects, you might need someone from a soft skills program to get his or her perspective about his career. And the same goes vice-versa.

3. Exploring different opportunities: What else can you do if you're just going to be stuck at home in this lockdown? And what's the best way to keep a check on both your soft skills and hard skills development with live sessions and soft skills programs?

Either choose any one or preferably go for both with a 2-week duration.

What's the final verdict?

Let's discuss how both soft skills and live projects can sparkle up your career and future options. Employers want to see your personality and personality is best revealed in all situations that you are in - when both your soft skills and hard skills are at the best level. Soft skills will reveal your uniqueness as a person and will let employers know about the activities that you are so good at.

Let's focus on some:

1. Empathy: You have to have a soft side of you. Empathy is a quality that allows one to understand the feelings and emotions of other people. You will get the best experience if you have to get along with the people.

2. Confidence: A confident individual will walk into the world knowing that he/she is the best. Confidence is that magic asset that makes your opinions and ideas bolder and credible.

On the other hand, live projects will help you get some real-time assets like:

1. Exposure: Learning concepts from books is one thing and getting hands-on exposure to them is another thing. This is where live projects bring you exposure and credibility.

2. Experience: Once you're done with a live project, you're far more ahead of most of your peers and colleagues, which adds to your expertise and experience level.