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Icebreakers For Improving Communication Skills

Good communication is the bridge between Confusion and Clarity.

- Nat Turner

With good communication skills, you are able to understand and deliver your state of mind and knowledge to the other person. But let’s say you have immense knowledge but you are not able to communicate that well. What will happen then?

The other person might underestimate you or think that you don’t have the knowledge or relevant experience to perform the assigned task. Is that what you want?

No, right?

Then let’s understand the importance of communication and how some of the best ice breakers can help us improve our communication skills.

The Importance of Communication

Communication is so important for us as humans. Of course, it has always been essential to us, but there have been several developments that have allowed us to live in a more connected world. As technology has progressed, more and more people have been able to communicate faster and more easily than ever before. These advancements have brought about a rise in individualism, the general need to feel a sense of self, and a constant connection with others. In an increasingly interconnected world, communication is becoming the driving force of progress, which is why it is such a valuable skill to develop. Managing your communication, however, is a skill that is relatively easy to teach, but a skill that takes time to learn.

The Basics of Communication

Communication is the art of expressing ourselves. First and foremost, we communicate our thoughts to our friends and family. Our next step is to communicate with our co-workers, clients, and employees. The goal is to communicate with as many people as possible. Communication is a skill that must be honed to create a successful, lasting impression. It takes a lot of practice to communicate clearly. When people have a bad impression of you, they can’t tell you what you are doing wrong. They may think you are incompetent or difficult to work with, or that you don’t care about them. For this incompetency or difficulty, communication might be the biggest reason. Chances are that the first time you met that individual, your communication was not clear or up to the mark!

Perhaps, communication is very important in career development. When you don’t communicate well, the chances of failure increase.

The Icebreakers

First and foremost, understand which “ice” needs to be broken down?

Since we are more career-centric here, we’ll define our “ice” as different people or officers at junior level, mid-level, or seniority level at MNCs or startups. Apart from these, our own peers can also be the “ice” we are looking to break.

Getting started with the ice-breakers that will not only improve your communication skills but will also bring that elevation in your career are as follows:

  1. Introduction: Give your introduction. Your name, what you do, how you do it, why you’re in this field. Summing it all in few points would be the best choice.

  2. Appreciation: Appreciate them for their work. Praise them and share how and why you liked their work, how are they influencing you, and so on…

  3. Smart Move: Get your homework done! Do some background research on the individual you’re trying to break the ice with. Offer them an irresistible offer and ask their Email ID where you’d share the offer and continue the talk on a much more professional level. The best example of such platforms is LinkedIn

  4. Interview: Invite them to your interview sessions. Give them a list of questions that you’re gonna ask and try making the session interactive and fun-loving. Once you’re done with this session, you’d know 70% of the facts about this person and on top of that, you’ll be good acquaintances.

  5. Outreach: Reach out to them straight and ask them if they’d love to have a small talk or chat with you. Be genuine, authentic, and to the point.


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