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Importance of Soft Skills for Students in 2020

People who wish to go into the future should have two skills to succeed – the ability to deal with people and the ability to sell. – Shiv Khera

The times have changed and, so has changed the qualities an employer seeks in their employees. In today's modern and fast-paced workplaces, an employer needs more than technical skills they need someone who can interact with others and can fit with the company's work culture. If you want to surpass others, a combo of hard skills and soft skills is a must. Thus, it becomes important for students to develop these highly in-demand social skills.

In this article, we will take you on an insightful ride of the ways soft-skills can bring significant changes in your lives and how you can develop them.

What are Soft skills?

Soft skills are social and interpersonal skills that characterize a person's relationships with other people. These skills make it easier to bond with people. In the workplace, soft skills are regarded as a complement to hard skills, which refer to a person's knowledge and occupational skills.

Broadly saying, a person with a good hold on soft skills and hard skills is usually preferable as compared to his/her counterparts. The students who engage in discussions and show active class participation are usually more successful in future.

Why Are Soft Skills Important?

If you enter a room full of people from different areas of life, what would you do? Some would probably try to talk to people to know about them and their lives, some would show a lesser interest but will still try to communicate, and some would stand aside silently. Most of you can connect with one of these three categories. How are they different? The first category of people has mastered the art of communicating and other social skills they can make any conversation interesting. And the second and third class of people need to work upon them.

Did you understand what point I was trying to make by the above example? Yes, soft skills are so much essential in every communication you make with others. Not only communication but in other aspects too. Below are the ways in which soft skills influence us.

  • Collaboration and teamwork at workplaces: Today, most workplaces demand you to work in a team. And this collaboration needs good listening and speaking skills to ensure proper flow of ideas without any negative thoughts. Every student needs to learn the importance of collaboration which would help them in group works of every kind for the future.

  • Interviews: In interviews, it's more of the soft skills that set you apart from other candidates. Your social skills will help you in smoothly talking with the interviewer. Many students let nervousness overpower their mind before their interviews. Confidence and communications are the two soft skills that will give you an edge over others in an interview.

  • Hard skills and soft skills together bring the best: Professional skills are not enough to bring out your most competent in situations. We need soft skills for better work experience with others. Without hard skills, a person becomes a liability for the company and, without soft skills, he/she will not be able to work peacefully with others.

  • Becoming a Leader: A good leader is the one who can take his team with him without conflicts and with enthusiasm. A successful leader is superb in listening to his teammates, giving them proper instructions, resolving disputes and maintaining decorum of the organization with an enthusiastic team.

  • Gives a sense of accomplishment: When you have a good relationship with your colleagues and boss. And your work is also going great because of the hard skills, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and keeps you motivated.

What are Some Important Soft Skills?

  1. Communication- The are of effectively communicating our thoughts and ideas without ignoring the opinions of others. Communication is the key to a better work environment.

  2. Adaptability- The capability to adjust ourselves in a new condition is adaptability. A person who can adapt in tough situations is the one who survives until the end.

  3. Leadership- A leader empowers, motivates, and inspires the people who work under him/her.

  4. Teamwork- Letting our ideas reach others without conflict is a vital key to teamwork. Teamwork is a chief skill to learn if you want a successful career.

  5. Creativity- The use of new and original ideas while working.

  6. Confidence- Confidence is your belief in your ability to fulfil the goals assigned to you. Being confident gives your personality a boost and will help you to work under pressure.

  7. Problem-solving- Analysing an issue and coming up with an efficient and creative solution to it. This is essential and must learn a skill for students to learn.

  8. Decision making- In a situation of pressure, the person who survives is the one who makes the best decisions. So decision-making is an important soft skill to have.

These are some of the most major soft skills students need to work upon. These are the skills that will boost your personality and will make you a better person.

How to Develop Soft Skills?

  • Communicate effectively: Try to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a gentle but effective way. Do not use harsh or offensive words to gain attention. Make sure the other person is interested in what you are talking.

  • Eye contact: Eye contact shows that you are confident enough regarding what you are talking. No eye contact can leave a bad impression on the other person.

  • Body language: Make the best use of body language while talking. Keep your body straight and confident, but not too rigid.

  • Empathetic listening: A good listener is always appreciated. People love talking to someone who can listen to them empathetically without any judgement. Don't interrupt people when they are speaking, wait for them to finish before putting your point.

  • Take criticism politely: You should never feel offended when someone criticises you. Analyse the criticism and if it applies rightly to you then work upon it otherwise don't argue with the other person. You can gently put your point.

  • Try public speaking: Remember the room we talked about in the beginning? If now you enter such a room then make sure you try to communicate with people around you.

  • Practice: Practice soft skills regularly with the people around you. As we all know 'Practice make a man perfect'.

So now that you have learnt about soft skills and their influence in our lives you should start working upon them. Soft-skills will help you in a longer run. Give yourself time and practise social skills as much as you can. We believe that you will master them with your consistent and determined attitude.


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