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Mentorbox is Changing the Perspective of Mentorship among College Students

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”— John C. Maxwell

What Is Mentorbox?

Mentorbox is a community of people who believe that a good mentor can show you a completely different side of yours. We focus on goal setting and career planning to help the mentee identify his or her professional and personal goals, as well as think about his or her long-term career path. And to make the task of finding a good mentor easier for college students, we have experts from every field to guide them and to clear their career-related dilemmas. We are trying to solve the problem that every student faces in their college life that is choosing and navigating the right career path. With a network of hundreds of professionals from various career fields, we make the best career counselling platform.

How Do We Work?

Mentorbox works closely with students and mentors. For taking the benefit of our mentorship one needs to register themselves on our website. When a student registers for a mentorship session from our website, we contact them to know their interests and the problem they are facing. After getting knowledge about the student's issue, we connect them with a mentor who is an expert in that field. We keep in mind the skills of the mentor and the needs of the mentee when we connect them. Our mentor takes a live one-to-one session with that student and gives them the guidance they need.

Our mentors make sure that the student can connect with them. They give them the best career advice with which the student can make a firm decision about the career they want to pursue in their future.

Aim And Vision Of Mentorbox

We aim to make mentorship reachable to every student who is facing any career-related query. Career-counselling helps one in figuring out what is right for their career, and it also gives an insight into what one can achieve through the path they take. We are dedicated to empowering college students to pursue a profession that is best suited for their interests.

Our vision is that more students will feel encouraged to take mentorship and make Mentorbox the largest and best mentorship community of the country. With the help of our platform, we would like to establish a sense of community, provide resources, and promote mentorship for a successful career.

Importance Of A Mentor In Our Life

When we feel low, stuck between our career choices and don't know what to do, a mentor is someone who can help us in coming out of the blues through career counselling. A mentor comes to rescue when our fears overpower our skills and expertise he/she guides us and shows us the right way. Some studies show that mentors who attain a 'somewhat close' relationship with their mentees can impact academic outcomes positively.

These are some ways in which a mentor can help you grow:

  • They help you to set the right goals.

  • They will keep you motivated.

  • They will pass on their professional experience to you.

  • They will make you work on your skillsets.

  • They will help you in building your network.

  • They will help you in your overall development.

A mentor and mentee relationship mutually benefit both of them. They both can grow together. The mentor gains leadership and communications skills through interaction with the mentee. He/she also earn the satisfaction of becoming the reason for someone's growth.

Thus, a mentor can influence your life in the best way possible. And on the same page, he/she also learns a lot.

How Are Students Benefitting From Our Platform?

Mentorbox brings mentors and mentees in a single box and gives the mentees the exposure to learn from our mentors.

Our one-to-one sessions provide mentorship for shaping your career goal, preparation for interviews and competitive exams such as GMAT, GATE, IES and IAS.

Apart from one-to-one sessions, Mentorbox also provides group interactions so that mentees come to know about similar problems and the ways they can tackle them.

Mentorbox conducts webinars and seminars on various career and academic topics weekly. Well-known and super qualified professionals attend these webinars and give a learning insight into their industry to the students who attend them. So far, we have successfully conducted webinars on choosing the right career path, fashion designing, machine learning, software engineering, product management and many more.

Students are availing these benefits by registering for our mentorship and webinar sessions. We are getting positive reviews from students who are attending them. Be a part of our sessions and learn from the most knowledgeable people from the industry.

What Students Have To Say About Us?

Let's know what mentees have to say about our sessions. Students who attended the sessions are continuously sharing their reviews about our platform and their experience with us.

The session was very informative and interactive. I liked the session very much and hope Mentorbox will continue to conduct this type of session.

- Vivek Agarwal

I like the concept of getting mentored from a top-notch person. I like the way how the session was Interactive. Great work. All the best.

- Revanth Madamala

I just loved every bit of the webinar. All my doubts were cleared.

- Tanya Srivastava

It was utmost helpful and filled me with motivation and ideas. It cleared most of my doubts. A little increment with time slot is what I would love next time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you and keep conducting this kind of sessions.

- Rahul Kumar

A well-planned session. Very nicely conducted.

- Nandini Jain

The whole webinar was great and all my doubts about computer science engineering are cleared.

- Satyam Mishra

So are you excited to learn from qualified and well-established mentors? We are always ready to give you the best learning experience from the best people. Join and register for our mentorship sessions now! Visit to register with us.

Thanks for reading!

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