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Networking: Why it is important for Career Enhancement in the 21st Century

Networking isn’t only about conversations and handshakes, it’s about your professional and career-oriented success. A strong, reliable, and expansive network (whether for a professional or a student) gives you updates on job openings and movements within the company. Now in the 21st century, social media makes it easier than ever to hone your existing relationships as well as make new contacts with esteemed professionals. In fact, Networking has also never been more essential ever.

What is networking?

The purpose of networking is to connect, develop and provide introductions to other professionals, organizations, and communities. Networking can be used for multiple purposes such as: finding a better job, making friends/acquaintances, making new business contacts, and more.

Do you think you are good at networking? Let's look at this question more carefully.

What are you looking for in your career enhancement? What do you know about your target company? Do you know any person of that company who could be your network?

If your answer is “yes”, then congrats you’re done with the basics of networking, but if your answer is “no”, you have to get started as early as possible.

Why is networking important for career enhancement?

Beneath the skin, Networking can be about connections, trust, community, relationship building, contacts, knowledge sharing, learning, expertise sharing, community, interaction, and collaboration.

Many professionals find joy in the networking experience, and use it to advance their career and develop better business relationships. A network creates a greater quality of life, the development of new tools, knowledge, and insight. It helps you understand people in the field and inspires you to pursue your professional goals. It allows you to apply new and innovative ideas in your own work, and also to grow personally.

For freshers and younger adults, it can help in opening up new doors of career enhancement like maybe a referral in your dream company or maybe an appraisal in your current company, or maybe a new business partner or client for your freelancing project. This in turn brings immense growth and development.

Tips for networking

Here are the top 5 tips that you might need in your journey when you are getting started with professional networking:

  1. Start small (with startups and not MNCs) and keep the goal in your mind

  2. Determine what you need help with and what you are good at

  3. Attend industry events and in-person networking events (seminars).

  4. Try connecting with professionals from the different sectors but keep your industry in the majority

  5. Leverage the power of Social Media platforms like LinkedIn for a better and strategic approach (like Incall Messaged, Personal Invites, and so on…)


So, how do you plan to begin?

An important first step is to ask yourself what are you seeking? What are your strengths, weaknesses, and personal interests? In addition, what are your interests and preferences? For example, have you found yourself being drawn to something specific, or is there something that is constantly shifting? What keeps you up at night? Or what are your greatest worry and greatest joy? Figure out the answers to these questions and start networking and learning from the experts.

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