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Revealed - How to find a Mentor - the Right Way!

Not all industry leaders are your mentors! A Mentor is someone who can straighten up your zig-zag path and equip you with all the handy solutions that can help you jump through all the obstacles in your life. But the bigger question is, how to find a mentor who is suited as per your needs?

Well, the answer lies in this article!

First thing first, you need to know what kind of person your mentor is. If they have an aptitude for mentoring then it will be easier for you. However, if he or she has no aptitude or does not understand your issues then he/she will not be suitable for that role. It is important to take time to understand the issues that you have. The mentor should be able to explain your issue and be available to guide you.

Steps to get started on finding your Dream Mentor

To get started with this, you can do the following:

1. You should make an appointment with a mentor on an ongoing basis. It will help you to choose the right mentor. There are several different forms of mentor, but there are some common traits that make a mentor best!

Alternatively, You should ask him to mentor you and give advice on how to improve yourself. This can take a few days or even weeks. After that, he or she needs to make sure that you are doing well with your studies and career and able to set yourself apart from the crowd.

2. Prepare “The Mentor List” - This is a list of people who have been mentored in the same field or career path in which you want to get mentorship. The list is made up of those who are close to the person and those that are not.

3. Online Mentors. There are online mentors that can help you with your career. These are people that have set up a website where they provide advice and help to other people. They can be helpful for you in your soft skills development, and guiding you with real-life problems.

4. Ask for help. In case you’re not comfortable with your present mentor, you can always ask him/her for help. You can ask for advice or ask them to recommend you to someone else, who would be a good fit as per your mentoring needs.


Key Takeaways

A Good Mentor can help you identify and actualize your career goals. A capable mentor will also enable you to target weaknesses, build on leadership skills, and help formulate your career plan. It is therefore a decision that must be taken judiciously.

To sum up, look for a Mentor whose hindsight can become your foresight!

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