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The Secret to Success: Why Most Successful People Have Taken Mentorship

Mentorship is not a new buzzword! It has been there for ages. Some of the mentor-mentee duos you're even not aware of like - Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg, Benjamin Mays mentored Dr. Martin Luther King, Lord Krishna mentored Arjuna in the glorious battlefield of Mahabharata. It's quite clear that these mentors helped their mentees achieved some big-fat milestones in their journey to becoming successful.

Mentorship in Ancient History

India, being the land of cultures and Vedic literature, including the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas contain extensive records and stories of Raja-rishis (royal sages, better translated as royal mentors) mentoring princes from a very young age and giving them the best possible counseling and direction whenever and wherever needed.

Indeed, a mentor is a metaphor for ancient-time "gurus" and "acharyas".

What basically mentoring was like in Ancient Times?

Mentoring is a profound and enlightening concept where an experienced, wise, and intelligent individual cares for and trains a less experienced as well as less developed mentee. During Vedic times, these mentoring institutions were called as “Gurukuls” which have undoubtedly given many of India’s historically accomplished rulers, thinkers, and philosophers.

Mentorship in Modern Times

Even in the 21st century, some of the best startups have been built on the back of mentorship. And even some of the most powerful and celebrated leaders have chosen to follow in their mentor's footsteps. All of them have been involved with an amazing transition phase of their respective career when one of them was in a rebellious phase. While mentorships can be boring, that's where the hero or heroines of the story emerge from. With the support of their mentors, these people are so well trained to fight the "Dragons" that want to destroy their career-driven paths!

How does a Mentor open up doors for a Mentee?

Mentors bring the career on track for their mentees. They help them to achieve goals and make them better professionals. They also motivate them to chase their dreams. In fact, a mentor can be a go-to person for a student or young professional who has been stuck in their career for a long time or a seasoned professional who's in the process of a new adventure.

Well, this goes a long way in building trust, inspiring, motivating, and strengthening a mentee's thought process.

But how do Mentors keep their Mentee engaged and enthused to achieve their goals? Mentors keep their mentees engaged by providing structure and guidance to their mentees as to how and what to focus on.


Be it any stage of life, apart from a super-good teacher and well-caring parents, it's a mentor who actually gives you the utmost care. Most successful people opt for a mentor because it's a mutually beneficial association - Your Mentor gets the Experience of other new problems and You get his Guidance. Don't be afraid to reach out to someone older and more experienced in your field and take his or her help. It is going to be a fruitful journey for both of you!