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What are the most promising career-related choices for students in the 21st century?

Choosing a reliable career option is such a Herculean task these days. With constantly changing technology and the evolution of new updated tools, choosing a perfect career seems next to impossible!

Career Choices for Students in the 21st century

Most of us are baffled about how to choose the best career for ourselves. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to pick up the most suitable career option that can enhance your future career prospects. To be the best of the best, we have to take up the most suitable career. For example, for those looking to become a chef, getting into a course of art at a culinary institute can help you enhance your skill. If you are going to do banking, choose a degree in commerce, if you are going to do marketing, choose a degree in commerce, etc. No two careers are the same, so picking the right career depends entirely on your passion and interest. We have shared a list of careers based on your interests and aptitudes.

Careers in IT Industry

Although tech jobs might seem like they are comparatively less attractive job prospects these days the truth is technology is going to play an important role in the progress and advancement of human civilization. According to the IBM survey, the global survey on this subject, 48 percent of them are willing to take a pay cut up to 25 percent to have a job in IT. This fact clearly shows that IT jobs are as promising as any other sector of the economy in the 21st century. When you think about becoming a computer programmer, cloud developer, hardware developer, data scientist, or any of the other tech jobs, it is very obvious that you will have a promising career in that.

Careers in Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals have seen a complete transformation in the recent past. It is a career choice that can give you a world-class lifestyle. Some of the most rewarding sectors in this industry include:

  1. Ayurveda

  2. Homeopathy

  3. Allopathy

  4. Acupuncture… and the list is never-ending!

Individuals working in this field earn very huge and rewarding salaries.

Careers in Healthcare

If you want to be a medical professional like a doctor or an engineer you have to go through quite a tough time before you reach a place where you can practice your profession. Though many feel it is easy to be a doctor it is hard to be one! Just imagine how much energy and hard work you have to put in before you can actually practice what you have learned. If you want to become a doctor now you need good marks in your high school, and after that, you have to clear an entrance test in medical colleges. Then after that, you have to get through another entrance test to get into the college where you will be studying. But yes, after all this struggle what you get in the end is always the best and nothing can beat the experience of such a rewarding career option.

Careers in Engineering

Engineering is one of the most preferred career options among youngsters. But it comes with its fair share of hassles. It can be literally confusing to choose an Engineering career. According to the reports, there are approximately 14.7 million engineering jobs in India. However, about 8.8 million engineers in India face a problem deciding what to opt for next. But, once they decide what they want to opt for, one has to carefully research it to avoid any career catastrophe. In the beginning, it is mandatory to clear the entry test as well as the written test before getting admission into an engineering college. And once you are an engineering graduate, it is time to choose your next step and of course, work experience is an essential part of this field.

Careers in Education

There are numerous careers in Education that go a long way in preparing you for every phase of life. Being a teacher is one of the best career options for students who wish to take it as a career. It comes with an ample amount of perks in form of perks, including flexibility in both time and place, and flexibility in career choices. It involves teaching an entire range of subjects ranging from primary to higher education courses and most of the teaching jobs are done in schools. Today, there is a massive demand for teachers. And the number is definitely on the rise!


Choosing a career for students is quite unique and may vary as per the needs. We're sure that these are just a few examples, but they are sure a sign that you should try to meet all your career needs through the correct options. However, before taking a final call, do consult your parents, teachers, friends, and others to settle down on the right path of career, and never forget that MentorBox India is always there to your rescue.

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